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painting signed j d 1833 who is j d?

painting of waves crashing on a bluff

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Without seeing the actual painting to determine if it is oil paint on canvas and to see the canvas stretchers to determine if they are aged enough to be from around 1833, it is impossible to give you any good answer.

If the painting is not on canvas and is on some stiff board, it may be a hand-painted copy of some original or it may be a print from a more recent time period than 1833. Hint - if the painting is not on stretchers (with the wood darkened with age) and on canvas, it may be relatively new and not worth much - possibly just the value of what one might pay for it at a yard sale.

You have a couple of choices to help you find out more information about the painting:
* If you live in a relatively large metropolitan area, you can find a reputable art gallery/seller where you can take the painting and obtain an opinion about it - age, whether it is an original or not, etc. from one of the knowledgeable gallery employees
* If there is a sizable art museum in the area where you live, you can telephone and make an appointment with one of the curators in the painting division so that you can take the painting there an let a curator see it and give you an opinion about it.
* You can wait until there is an "art/antiques appraisal fair" held in your area - example: PBS TV Antiques Roadshow appraisal - or some other sponsored appraisal fair. You may have to obtain a pass prior to the appraisal fair or even pay a fee to bring an item to the appraisal fair. Then, an expert in painting can look at the painting and give you an opinion and an estimated value.

There are art appraisal experts all over the USA. However, you will need to pay an appraisal fee, if you wish to take your painting to one to learn about the painting and obtain an estimated value. To find a reputable appraiser in your area, I recommend one of the following appraiser professional organizations:
* International Society of Appraisers
Find an Appraiser

* American Society of Appraisers
Find an Appraiser

* Appraisers Association of America
Find an Appraiser

* If you happen to be in Canada - Appraisal Institute of Canada
English - Find a Real Value Expert

I used to work as a museum curatorial assistant. One of my jobs was to keep record of the painting collection. As a librarian, I have helped clients learn more about their works of art and their art reproductions.

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