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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much should I work out?

Im 14 5"2 110 pounds, and I really dont know how many pushups or situps i should do. I dont wanma over work out or under work any tips? No rude answers please...thanks.

Best Answer...


You seem to talking about a workout at home versus a gym. You mention pushups and situps, not bench press or squats.

If I were working out at home, I would concentrate on exercises for the major muscle groups. Chest, Back and Legs. For the chest, you say pushups. Those are fine, but I prefer chest dips. You are using all of your body weight. For the back I like pull ups and chin ups. You'll need one of the $30 over the door frame bars. For legs, do squats. You can use a swedish ball between your lower back and the wall to make sure you keep your chest upright and get your hips as low as your knees. In other words, the ball helps with the form. You'll need to do 30 or more unweight squats to feel a burn

You could curcuit through all of these exercises 3 times a week in 30 minutes I bet. Get 48 hours of rest in between. Eat lots of protein (whey protein, milk, tuna fish, beef jerky, peanut butter sandwiches).