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Frequently Asked Questions...

What kind of makeup should a 12 year old wear?

Hey i am going into middle school and i want to wear somethign neutral and simple... like i dont wear green or orange or really bright colors. i like browns, and nudes, and whites very neutral and warm colors... so i have dark brown hair, chinese, brown eyes, no freckles, no glasses or contacts. so yeah... what should i wear?

Best Answer...


I'm 12 going to 7th grade. This is how I put on my makeup.

-Put on moisturizer.
-You can put on foundation if you have acne. Apply it in a swirling motion.
-Get concealer and put a big dot on under eye circles. Use a rolling motion.
-Get liquid eyeliner and apply it on your upper lashline. Wipe off any eyeliner thats on your lid.
-Get primer and apply on lid and brow bone.
-Get black eye kajal and waterline bottom 1/3 or 2/3 in. Waterline the top until your eyelashes stop. The top might be hard to waterline. Make sure you don't poke yourself!
-Get mascara (not a big fan) and gently stroke lashes.
-Get blush or bronzer (dont care about this). Apply on each cheek 3 times. Add a little on forehead, chin, and nose.
-Finish with light lip gloss! (don't like this either)

you can wear anything since your eyes are brown. you can especially wear brown.