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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I Hand Paint Tiles without firing them in a kiln?

Plaid makes an enamel paint that works on glass and ceramic. Would I be able to use that paint to hand paint tiles? Would the paint last without chipping?

Best Answer...


I suppose you have a deffinite purpose for the tile and for that the paint choice is what counts. To prepare the surface use an orbital sander and 180 wet and dry automotive carbide sandpaper. This can purchased where they sell auto paint. Take it to a dull finish and paint away . If you have a sandblasting cabinet a quick pass with 4/0 sand will rough it up also. To seal this tile use a urethane and a foam brush. Latex paints are not very good. There are some really good "China" paints for artist who paint on plates. They are mostly floral colors and primary colors ....Al of these are not worthy of wet or hot locations and cannot without care be considered permanent....Firing is still the best..Good luck from the E!!