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What is the best place for Printing, Signs, and Graphics in the Santa Barbara area?

I am starting a new business in Santa Barbara, and need signs, brochures, business cards, flyer distribution, and a web site. Is there a one-stop-shop in the area that can take care of all this for me at a great price? I am not interested in online printing; I want to keep my business local.

Best Answer...


If you want to avoid the hassle and expense of online printing, and have more quality control over your finished product, DCM Graphics is by far the best choice in Santa Barbara for any of the printing, signs, and graphics that you mentioned. Their quality of service and unbeatable prices have kept myself and other locals coming back for years. Their specials on printing are simply the best prices anywhere. DCM can be reached at (805) 563-2000, or by emailing They are located at 3022 De La Vina, Suite A, in Santa Barbara (right across from Trader Joe's).