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How do I find serious buyers of old coins and currency?

I have many old coins and some old silver certificates and old united states notes to sell. I might have the remaining coin for someone's collection if I knew what was in demand. I also have a signed original Norman Rockwell still in the original frame for sale. It is titled "The Famous Model 'T' was Boss of the Road".

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There are several avenues open to you. First, I would go to Barnes & Noble or similar store and check the following book out: "The Official Guidebook to United States Coins" by R.S. Yeoman. It is commonly referred to as "The Red Book". Matching the pictures in the book to your coins will give you an idea of what you have. Next while you're there check the periodicals for coin magazines and papers. These will give you an idea of what your coins are being sold for based on the grade of the coin. You now know what you have and approximately what it is worth so you at least should not get to badly ripped off. If you choose to sell them on EBAY or Yahoo, these are prices you may be able to reach but DO NOT expect these prices from a dealer!! They buy at much much lower prices. Do not be alarmed at the difference between the two sources - it is normal. If you received the coins from family for free, what the dealer offers will be pure profit, albeit lower than what you MAY have been able to get but all profit none-the-less!! If you can find a copy of Coin World magazine, they have a classified type section in the back where companies buy coins that you ship to them. These prices are more typical of what a dealer would pay you for them. Call them - maybe they will send you a free issue in the hopes of you subscribing!! You could also go to the local coin shop but I would definitely go to multiple shops to get as much data as I could before deciding where to sell them. Judge the dealer as well - your gut instinct about the dealer may make you more money!! Some dealers are good and others unfortunately will rip you off. That is why you found out what you have and a "ballpark" figure of what it is worth!!! Unless you need the money quickly take your time to go to local coin shows and research the selling and buying prices of your specific coins. Do not jump at the first dealers offer unless you need to!!