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Frequently Asked Questions...

when should i pack for boarding school?

2 weeks in advance? 1 day b4? how much time should i give myself also what odd things do you think i might need that are not on the list?

Best Answer...


start packing the stuff you wont need until you get there about 4-5 days in advance (winter clothes, books,school supplies, bedding etc) so if you forget something you'll have time and space to pack it. However, it is boarding student tradition that you end up frantically packing and trying to shove more bags and boxes in to your car at 11 pm the night before makes the experience that much better...
Some things that I wished I had packed?
-*if you're a girl* a whole years worth of pads and tampons to be spared trying to buy them in secret at the local super-market, *if you're a boy* just anything you don't want to buy in front of a group of people.
-flashlight or booklight to do HW after lights out.
-one snuggly, warm and soft throw blanket (not a comforter) for lazing about.
-a printer, so you dont need to harass others or walk down to the computer lab.
-a rubber or plastic shower tote
-a full length mirror, you can use adhesive velcro to put it up (any hardware store should have it)
-a debit card, to get money from your parents
-comfy "bum wear" sweats, big tees, boy shorts.
-a fan, usually dorms dont have AC and it can get reaaalllyy hot
-bed risers, for more storage space
-a change jar, for loose change and to collect laundry money if need be
-a whiteboard calendar, to keep track of everything...this one is very important!
-world map posters are cool and useful.
-more pens, pencils and run out quicker than you expect usually.
-a good laundry basket, esp one that has a removable cloth bag...its easier to carry/throw down the stairs.

hope this helps!