France Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is this Maginot?

Who made it

When was it made

And why was it made

Was it a success or a failure

Best Answer...


French War Minister Andre Maginot, began the planning and construction of a series of fortresses along the French border with Germany. These series of fortresses began on the French Swiss border and went all the way to over to Belgium and became known as the Maginot Line. Plans were made and some construction had began to extend the Maginot line all the way to he sea.

These fortress were very deep, very huge, and very impressive. Some of the forts were connected by a underground railroad that was able to move troops, supplies and ammunition from one area to another. The forts included a positive air pressure system to prevent poison gas for entering the fort. The Maginot line was and remains very impressive. It is also a testament to the fear the French had of Germany.

Germany defeated the forts by simply going around the Maginot line, through the Ardene's in Belgium & Luxembourg.

It was made by France.

Planning began in 1920 and construction began in 1924.

It was made in an attempt to stop any German attack at the border. The majority of WW1 was fought on French soil between Germany and Paris. Nearly 100 years later it is not uncommon for french farmers to plow up helmets, shells, or other materials from WW1.

Hope this answers your question.