Owl Sculpture

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Frequently Asked Questions...

North American Union, Real ID Card, Skull & Bones...are these all conspiracy theories too?

It just seems that when I see mention of any of these things in some questions, some people include "conspiracy theories" in their answers. How many of you have actually done some research on these topics?

Best Answer...


President Bush has already signed with Canada,and Mexico on the North American Union!
Why does everyone think NAFTA is for? The superhighway that will divide out country in half, and connect all of us!

The real ID was suppose to start May of this year..But too many people found out about it, so it was posponed!
But, the bill was in process being passed just yesterday, again!
Without this card you cant get a job, borded a plan, go into a federal building..You will be left out!
This is a national Id, for it was passed by a national law!

It was stated on the news that president Bush and Kerry, and others are members of Skull and bones..Once a yr they go to Cali, to Bohemian Grove and have rituals, and worship Molech, a big owl sculpture...It documented, and on video tape!

There are Fema concentration camps all across America..

9-11 was Government Sponsored Terrorism!