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Frequently Asked Questions...

Need help picking a living room set!!?

I am sooooo indecisive about these things, so ladies and gents, I am looking for a little help in selecting a living room set...

I was all ready to buy this 2 piece sectional (micro-fiber mocha color) and then I saw a 2 piece sofa and chair with wood trim, that also is very nice..... My decor is a combo of african american art, abstract canvas art. We just painted our walls a chestnut tan color, and will soon have hardwood floors installed.

Here are the links to both sets:


If you click on the picture it will zoom it in for a nice closer look
The 2 piece set also comes in TAN

The sectional is simliar to this without the chaise


Which one do you think would look best with hardwood floors, african american art and canvas art??


Best Answer...


I would go for the sectional...Although, it would give the room a casual and modern feel. It would also allow more flexibility in the long-run if you change things around such as the pictures or the color of the accessories in the room.

The other is a formal look; then you have to be careful about matching the wood on the floor and furniture in additional to matching the colors in the room to a multi-colored couch.