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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does this intro contain too much detail (Renaissance art)?

Renaissance ideas are evident in the art of the period. Michelangelo's David was obviously inspired by individualism; the stately statue is a symbol of human strength and beauty. Its accurate representation of the human form emphasizes the importance of the individual. The School of Athens, a fresco by Raphael, depicts classical scholars gathered together. Raphael's tribute reflects the general respect for humanism, the study of liberal arts and classics in the hope of a rebirth of ancient values. Both individualism and humanism, which define the Renaissance, are expressed in 14th century art.
The essay topic:
Discuss how Renaissance ideas are expressed in the art of the period, referring to specific works and artists.

Best Answer...


I'm not going to try and tell you how to write it nor be personally critical.

In a previoius question on Graduate Schools not taking undocuemented Essays I used your essay as an example of rhetorical writing and it's short comings in scholarly work.

I don't know where you got colorful words from and if they are true or not, because I saw no citation from experts in the field of art peers in later periods.

Both individualism and humanism, which define the Renaissance, are expressed in 14th century art.

Says who, is my frist query. You or someone "important" in the world of art.

You probably read something on this topic and are paraphrasing it which is cool and might work in Undergraduate classes.

Having been in the Cinema industry for 30 years I find myself, at times, taking issue with Leonard Maltin over some of what he says.

I know for a fact several of the finest PH D historians and their books are inaccurate because I actually talked with some women filmmakers who told me things about them to the contrary of what is said in print, like what they took in school.

I wrote a history of photo chemical and photo electronics from the discovery of Amber to the microchip and cited no one (I actually read over 100 articles and books on the topic to come up with my spiel), but it's a lay work to be read by the kid who wants to make films and wants to know more about the history of the process.

Now what, exactly, caused the Rennesance to happen. What events and who were these people (citations optional) and what was said about their works (citations helpful).

What separates the Rennesance from the earlier period before the so called "dark ages" when art was very high.

For one thing it's widely know some artists did Autopsies on cadavers to find out more abou what was below the skin.

Citiations would help here, as it's controversial and sometimes disputed.

You know like Bacon wrote all Shakespears plays and there was no Shakespear.

Now I as a reader want to know how much you know about the rennesance, how it happened and it would be nice if you shed some light on who you learned all this from.

Who started the Rennesance. Who was the first person to turn on a light in the forrest of the Dark Ages.

What was it really all about

Your view sounds like a candy covered PC version of reality.

Grab me and shake me and tell me what it was all about.

It's a nice little High School level essay

You did study this topic, right! I mean you read a few things on the Rennesance.

Let's at that point between shadow and substance. I mean there is not a hard line in the sand between the Dark Ages and the Rennesance.

So let's start with the blurr and work our way forward talking about how one thing changed another and influenced another.

Don't forget about science, literature, invention

DaVinci was working on the concept of a helicopter

So teach us. You are in college are you not. Teach your teacher. Tell your teacher something they never heard before and document your source so they can go check it out.

And stop using Britanica

See if you can find some Dissertations and Thesis on the topic, that will give you a huge bibilography to look at.

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