Valerie Leon

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Valerie Leon


Frequently Asked Questions...

what are your views about me?

hi everyone

wat do you think about Me

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if u don't know
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Best Answer...


While reply *1 is good, he clearly didn't take the time to look up your Q&A's

You reply to, & ask, some great questions, hun'

Can 'EG' - Everybody's Grandad - add you?

You'll see several of my open Q's & today's A's say that today is the 5th time, since I joined Y/A in April, that I've had to prune some of the max 200 contacts, to make room for more

& that I seek a network of movers & shakers, who want to brighten up the cold, wet, windy, wintry weather for other Y/A'ers to have more fun & learn more

A reply within the last 3 hours asked if megababes have more influence over public opinion than politicians do

I didn't give my reply to that

I've been involved in strictly non-partisan political lobbying since 1966

But I recall more of Valerie Leon's Hai Karate TV ad series than i DO OF hAROLD wILSON'S GENIUS LEVEL SPEECHES

Caps Lock typo kinda allegorical, eh?


Hard boiled politicos/journos/broadcasters are far harder to talk sense into than such obviously sensitive & open-heated young ladies like you

Use 'Net anonymity to influence popular thought & feeling, OK?

Adding you now, hon'

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