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How is the United States involved with China?

How is the United States and China involved with things like Economical trade, money, products politically peace keeping missions, diplomats, embassies, militarily sending troops, guns, nuclear weapons, wars, humanitarian money, food, and medicine?

Best Answer...


The primary way the United States is involved in China is that China owns about 10 percent of the United States debt. China has invested a lot of its spare money into the US government.

China and the United States are also key competitors in the energy markets and many rare metals markets. To this end China has attempted to purchase American and European oil companies and entered into deals with Venezuela and other oil producers. China is also extremely active in Africa, which produces a number of rare metals that are key to advanced industrial production.

China is also one of the chief importers to the United States, mainly in inexpensive mass-produced toys and other goods. China is looking to export more valuable high-end electronics and other materials and the United States is asking China to open up its domestic markets to more imports. Also, the United States is asking China to float its currency on the international markets instead of officially setting the exchange rate between it and other currencies.